10 Must-Have Dog Grooming Products for a Shiny, Healthy Coat


portant to show our pups the same level of care and affection by keeping them clean and well-groomed. And so every dog owner needs to ensure that their pet receives the best dog grooming kit. A shiny, healthy coat is a sign of a happy and healthy dog, so here are 10 must-have dog grooming products that will help in aiding your furry friend to look and feel their best. Dog grooming products in India are now accessible in the e-commerce and retail industries. Make sure to purchase the best dog grooming kit for your pet’s coat type.

1)Dog grooming products in India-Shampoo

The first steps to grooming a dog involve bathing the dog. Your main motive to purchase is a shampoo that suits your dog’s coat. It could be a mild and nutritious shampoo created especially for puppies which assist in keeping their fur tidy, healthy, and lustrous while also assisting in avoiding tangles and knots. Plush Puppy India uses natural components to make this shampoo to soothe and hydrate the skin and coat. It is safe and gentle to use on dogs because it doesn’t include any harsh ingredients like sulfates or parabens. You can maintain cleanliness and a  lustrous healthy coat, by using the wide range of  Plush puppy shampoos for all coat types. A good dog grooming shampoo 500 is an absolute essential in a dog grooming kit.

2. Dog grooming products in India- Conditioners

After shampooing the dog’s coat gets dried and coarse due to moisture being absorbed by the atmosphere. Especially in winter and dry spells, it is very crucial to keep the coats conditioned and moisturized.

The conditioner range at plush puppy enables your pet’s coat to look healthy and lustrous. Additionally, it doesn’t include harmful chemicals making it soothing and suitable for all dogs, including those with delicate skin. After shampooing your dog, simply apply the dog conditioner 500 to its damp coat and gently massage it in. Allow the conditioning ingredients to permeate the coat for a few minutes before giving it a good rinse to let them do its thing. Your dog’s coat will appear and feel silky, smooth, and shiny after regular use. Dog groomers include this essential product for show dogs in their dog grooming kits too.

3. Dog grooming products in India– PP Coat Rescue

The most effective intense conditioning method to revive a dry or damaged coat is with  Plush Puppy Coat Rescue 500. A natural combination of oils and pure plant extracts was used in the formulation of Coat Rescue, a restorative coat treatment. It helps dehydrated and damaged coats regain their strength and flexibility. The treatment works wonders on brittle coat hair and is safe for use on all types of coats. If the coat has gotten away from you and appears parched and in need of urgent moisture,  an extra-deep treatment works wonders.

4. Dog grooming products in India- PP powder puff regular

Dry cleansing powder, such as Plush Puppy Powder Puff Regular, is an excellent bathing substitute for wet shampoo. This is a scientific recipe that uses absorbent granules combined with chemicals derived naturally to remove dirt and moisture from the coat, not chalk or talc. Additionally, it deodorizes the coat, leaving it with a sweet, fresh scent. All breeds and coat kinds are suitable. Apply generous amounts of Plush Puppy Powder Puff Regular all over the coat. Brush against the coat’s development and work your hands thoroughly into any tough spots. Continue brushing well or blow dry with a cool drier, although it’s best to blow dry completely and remove any traces of moisture.

5. Dog grooming products in India-  Seabreeze Oil

Dog grooming professionals emphasize a lot on regularly oiling the dog’s coats because oiling improves the coat’s condition, hydration, and gloss. A nongreasy oil dog grooming kit product from Plush Puppy India the Sea Breeze oil can be a great, light alternative to routine oiling with advantages that last longer. The combination of extracts from Calendula oil, Wheat germ oil, and Evening Primrose is incredibly useful. Use as an alternative to conventional conditioner because it preserves the natural coat texture without softening or flattening the coat. It is completely water soluble and non-greasy, making it simple to apply without buildup. Dog Seabreeze Oil is fantastic for preserving the youthful vitality of the skin and coat and has soothing and therapeutic properties. Simple to modify to each coat’s requirements.

To use this Oil can be used both diluted or undiluted on the coat after shampooing. Sponge on or sluice well through the coat, ensuring even distribution. LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE. To use undiluted, simply spray a light mist onto the area required. Use sparingly for wrapping or to help stop breakage

6. Dog grooming products in India-Pixie Dust

A sparkling finishing powder called Plush Puppy Pixie Dust will add shine and glitz to your champion Dog. In the sunlight and when illuminated, this incredibly thin white powder glitters. Your dog’s coat will reflect light and shine like a diamond after applying Pixie Dust.

Suitable: All coat types yearning for shine and glitter can use Plush Puppy Pixie Dust Sparkling Finishing Powder.

Directions: Before the bell rings, sprinkle your puppy with Plush Puppy Pixie Dust. For white dogs, use after chalking or in combination with chalk.

7. Dog grooming products in India-Fast Blow Dry spray

The cutting-edge Plush Puppy FAST Blow Dry Spray 500 combines active chemicals to significantly shorten drying time. Revolutionary – by swiftly evaporating water, it cuts drying time by up to 50%. Because one of the ingredients causes water to evaporate quickly, significantly cutting down on the drying time, we gave it the name FAST. FAST provides sun and heat protection. contains wheat proteins that control the moisture content in the coat as well as a minor hold component for improved coat management. Our most technologically sophisticated recipe is FAST!

To use Plush Puppy FAST, shampoo and completely dry the dog with a towel. Then, spread a thin layer of FAST evenly over the entire coat. Brush or comb through the coat after lifting it to ensure even distribution, and then blow dry. This product is a paradise for a dog grooming kit.

8. Dog grooming products in India-Anti-Static Coat Control

The product is a  mild spray with organic ingredients that reduce flyaways and static on all coat types. It is an essential addition to your collection of dog grooming kits because it works especially well on long, flowing coats. With its anti-static properties for scissoring and finishing, it is an excellent grooming tool. All varieties of dog coats, including those with long coats, feathering, ear fringes, and tails, can be maintained and protected using Anti-Stat Coat Control. Perfect for getting ready for a concert! This Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control will get the results you need if your goal is to achieve the ideal coat and finish.

All varieties of coats, particularly long, flowing coats, respond well to Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control.

9. Dog grooming products in India-Compact Long Pin Slicker

An indispensable professional dog brush for your dog grooming kit. The Compact Long Pin Slicker in Plush Puppy Blue is the best choice for dense coats that need intense coat separation and finishing. Our Plush Puppy show grooming experts created these slicker pins to be lightweight, ergonomic, and the perfect combination of slickness. Perfect for Terriers, Bichon Frise, and Poodles.

10. Dog grooming products in India-Professional Grooming Combs

Internationally acclaimed show dog groomers created Plush Puppy’s Professional Grooming Combs 500 specifically for groomers. For pet owners and dog groomers, this may be the last but the most essential must-have in your dog grooming kit. The fine and coarse pins of our professional grooming combs are constructed of hardened stainless steel, which won’t bend and readily cuts through the thickest of coats. The tiny pins are ideal for combing softer coats in delicate places like ears, eyes, and down the legs. Full-body combing is ideal for the gritty pins. Professional grooming combs from Plush Puppy help to shed coat while massaging the skin for a healthy coat. They also remove knots and tangles, loose hair, and trapped dirt. They are also ideal for fluffing and finishing, which supports healthy skin and a glossy coat.


There’s a good reason why dogs are frequently considered to be man’s best friend. They love us completely and are there for us at all times. Dog owners must maintain their puppies’ cleanliness and grooming to offer them the same level of love and attention. A happy and healthy dog will have a beautiful, healthy coat. You may contribute to maintaining your dog’s coat’s cleanliness, health, and sheen by including these grooming items in your regimen. Additionally, grooming your pet can be a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with them. To buy the best dog grooming kit simply shop now at www.plushpuppy.in.

Happy Grooming!

Most frequently asked questions:

  1. How often should I brush my dog?

The sort of hair your dog has and how much they shed will determine how frequently you should brush them. Since long-haired dogs have hair rather than fur, they often don’t shed. However, their hair frequently tangles and knots, which can result in mats. Dogs with long hair should be brushed once a week or every few days. Huskies and Chow Chows are two examples of dogs with a lot of furs that require regular brushing, especially during the seasons when they lose their winter coats.

Dogs with medium-density coats, like Labrador and Golden Retrievers, should be brushed occasionally. Bulldogs and other canines with short, low-density coats seldom ever require brushing. However, brushing them once every two weeks will maintain their coat healthy.

  1. How often should I wash my dog?

Every dog has a Keratinization cycle, which lasts for 21 days on average. During a keratinization cycle, a dog sheds its skin. A dog should be bathed and conditioned every 21 days to eliminate dead skin cells and replace sebum oil for their skin and coat. Use conditioner to close the hair shaft and act as a moisturizing agent on the skin for simpler coat maintenance.

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