Pups & Protection: A Complete Guide to Dog Vaccinations in India

Vaccinating your dog is a vital part of responsible pet ownership. It protects them from potentially life-threatening diseases and helps keep the canine community healthy. Understanding the recommended vaccination schedule in India is crucial for ensuring your furry friend receives the necessary immunizations at the right time.


Building Immunity: The Vaccination Schedule for Pups in India

Puppies are particularly vulnerable to diseases, so a well-defined vaccination schedule is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the core vaccines recommended for puppies in India:

  • 6-7 Weeks: DHPPi L (First Dose): This combination vaccine protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza.
  • 9-10 Weeks: DHPPi L (Second Dose): Booster shot to solidify immunity against the core canine diseases.
  • 12-16 Weeks: DHPPi L (Third Dose) & Rabies: Final booster shot for the core diseases, along with the first Rabies vaccination.


Core Vaccines: The Essential Shield

These core vaccines safeguard your pup from some of the most common and serious canine illnesses:

  • Distemper: A highly contagious and potentially fatal viral disease affecting the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems.
  • Hepatitis: A group of viruses attacking the liver, causing lethargy, vomiting, and liver failure.
  • Parvovirus: A highly contagious and often deadly virus attacking the intestines. Symptoms include severe vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.
  • Parainfluenza: A respiratory virus contributing to canine distemper or kennel cough.
  • Rabies: A fatal zoonotic disease (transmissible to humans) affecting the nervous system. Vaccination is legally mandated in most parts of India.


Non-Core Vaccines: Tailored Protection

Depending on your dog’s lifestyle and risk factors, your veterinarian might recommend additional non-core vaccines:

  • Leptospirosis: A bacterial disease transmitted through contact with infected urine or contaminated water. Can be serious for both dogs and humans.
  • Kennel Cough: A highly contagious respiratory illness causing a characteristic hacking cough.


Cost Considerations: Budgeting for Your Pup’s Protection

The cost of dog vaccinations in India can vary depending on location, veterinarian fees, and the type of vaccine used. Generally, expect to pay a few hundred rupees per vaccination. Many veterinary clinics offer puppy vaccination packages that can be more cost-effective.


When is the Best Time for Vaccinations?

The optimal vaccination schedule for your pup will be determined by your veterinarian considering factors like breed, health, and potential exposure risks. However, generally, puppies begin their vaccination series between 6-8 weeks of age and receive booster shots every 2-4 weeks until they are around 16 weeks old.


Remember: Vaccination is an ongoing commitment. Most core vaccines require booster shots every 1-3 years to maintain immunity. Regular consultations with your veterinarian will ensure your dog receives the necessary vaccinations at the appropriate intervals.



Pups & Protection: A Pawsitive Partnership

By following a proper vaccination schedule, you’re not just protecting your furry friend – you’re contributing to a healthier canine community. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian today to discuss the best vaccination plan for your precious pup. Together, you can ensure a long, healthy, and tail-waggingly happy life for your four-legged companion!

Pampered Pups: Unleashing the Power of Plush Puppy Products for Your Dog

Taking care of your dog goes beyond walks and playtime. A crucial aspect of canine well-being is proper grooming. Plush Puppy India offers a comprehensive range of high-quality grooming products designed to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their absolute best. Whether you have a playful puppy, a longhaired beauty, or a senior dog with sensitive skin, Plush Puppy India has the perfect solutions to meet your dog’s unique needs.



Conclusion: A Tailored Approach to Canine Care

Investing in Plush Puppy India’s grooming products is an investment in your dog’s health and happiness. Regular brushing with the right tools, gentle cleansing with appropriate shampoos and conditioners, and addressing specific needs like detangling or nail trimming all contribute to a well-groomed and comfortable dog. Visit your nearest Plush Puppy India store or browse their online selection to discover a world of grooming essentials for your beloved pup. Remember, a pampered pup is a happy pup, ready to shower you with unconditional love and wagging tails!



10 FAQs About Grooming Your Dog with Plush Puppy Products

  1. What type of brush should I use for my dog?
    Plush Puppy India offers a variety of brushes! The Slicker Brush is great for most coat types, while the Long-lasting Pin Brush is ideal for longhaired breeds. Discuss your dog’s coat type with a Plush Puppy India staff member for personalized recommendations.
  2. My dog hates brushing. How can I make it a positive experience?
    Start young and use gentle techniques. Offer treats and praise during brushing sessions to create a positive association.
  3. What shampoo should I use for my dog’s sensitive skin?
    Plush Puppy India’s Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Shampoo is a gentle option formulated for sensitive skin.
  4. How often should I bathe my dog?
    The frequency depends on your dog’s breed, activity level, and coat type. Consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations.
  5. My dog has long, matted fur. What can I do?
    Plush Puppy India’s OMG! Detangling Spray can help loosen mats and tangles before brushing. For severe matting, consult a professional groomer.
  6. Does Plush Puppy India offer nail trimming services?
    Many Plush Puppy India locations offer grooming services, including nail trims.
  7. How can I clean my dog’s ears?
    Use a gentle ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian and clean only the visible portion of the ear canal.
  8. When should I consider professional grooming?
    For breeds with complex grooming needs or if you’re uncomfortable grooming yourself, professional groomers can be a great option. Plush Puppy India can recommend reputable groomers in your area.
  9. Are Plush Puppy India products safe for puppies?
    Yes! Plush Puppy India offers gentle brushes and shampoos suitable for young puppies.
  10. Where can I find more information about Plush Puppy India products?
    Visit your nearest Plush Puppy India store or browse their website for detailed information on their extensive grooming product range.


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