Natural Silk Protein Conditioner


Plush Puppy Natural Silk Protein Conditioner – The conditioner of conditioners!  Natural Silk Protein conditioner leaves the coat with a wonderful finish, reducing static electricity and fluffiness in “fly-away” coats.

An intensive formulation boosted with Silk Amino acids and plant extracts that bind keratin in the coat, strengthening whilst protecting against moisture loss.

Assists in repairing coat by using herbal extracts that are rich in natural antioxidants.  These are excellent for moisturizing and strengthening coat, smoothing the cuticle, detangling the coat whilst soothing dry skin.

Natural Silk Protein Conditioner restores hydration and vitality for a naturally softer, silkier more lustrous coat.

A beautifully crafted lush and rich conditioner for all coat types.

Can use at:  Home, Salon Bath, Hydrobath

This product is best for all breeds and coat types.

Directions: Apply at required dilution onto damp coat, massage through, and rinse off.

Dilution Rate: 1:5 (1 part conditioner to 5 parts water) or up to 1:10 (for light conditioning)