Sit N Stay


Shape and mould with Sit n Stay. A pliable dog coat shaper for shaping small areas and keeping styles in place.

Use to hold chalks and powders on the coat. Use for shaping furnishings, root-lifting, hand shaping more bitsy, unkept looks and as a pre-chalker on legs.

Highly effective anti-slip product to apply to pads to combat some of those tricky indoor show surfaces.

Plush Puppy Sit N Stay is a excellent compound for shaping and moulding dog coats into place. The polymers allow this product to transform from a pliable state to dry into a dry solid form and hold coat into shapes with a natural look.

Ideal for shaping and moulding show dog coats into place such as parts on Lhasa’s, Shih Tzu, Briards etc. Great also for Terrier furnishings eg. shaping a Westie head and lift to Collie and Sheltie ruffs. Nice also for hand shaping that bitsy unkempt look on a Cairn. Can be used as a prechalker on legs e.g. Malamutes, Siberians etc.

Directions: Apply a small amount to fingertips, this will initially feel sticky, then rub together till warm and the initial stickiness starts to dissipate. Apply to coat, either at the roots for lift or to the mid-lengths and trailing to the ends.